Stop whining about Trump

Stop whining about Trump

I am getting tired of reading content against President Donald Trump such as “Outrage over Trump sparks rally for activism” (Jan. 25). I wish citizen activists, like Elizabeth Meyer, would stop whining after more than a year and accept the fact that Trump will be the president for at least another three years, and possibly more.

I look at the country the way it is now and the way it was when Trump took office. The stock market is at record highs, unemployment is down, and several companies that left the U.S. have returned. The president is taking a tough stand on undocumented immigrants and making it tough for illegals to enter the country. This makes me feel safer, and I know the wall at Mexico’s border will eventually get built. The U.S. relationship with our Middle East ally, Israel, is being favorably restored after deteriorating under the previous administration.

What would the whiners and sore losers have preferred? Would they rather have had a morally bankrupt Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office? That would be like travelling down a road to nowhere.

Warren Goldfein
Mount Arlington

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