Stein Assisted Living celebrates centenarians

Stein Assisted Living celebrates centenarians

“Someone up there is taking care of me,” said Mickey Mintz, 101.
“Someone up there is taking care of me,” said Mickey Mintz, 101.

THIS MONTH, in conjunction with National Older American’s Month, Stein Assisted Living will celebrate seven residents who are all centenarians — individuals who have lived to at least 100 years old, more than 20 years longer than the average life span. 

Myrtle Levy, one of the residence’s centenarians, offered advice on how to live a long life. “Live with a clear conscience and treat others as you would like to be treated,” she said, adding, “and don’t forget to exercise and have some chutzpah.” 

Mickie Mintz, 101, suggested that “someone up there is taking care of me” and stressed the importance of having good relationships with family.

At Stein Assisted Living, the goal for all residents is to help individuals remain as independent as possible. The Georgia Centenarian Study, a well-known study of longevity and survival that took place from 1988 to 2009 at the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Georgia, reported that, “Contrary to the general picture of a frail individual at the end of life, we have found that 20 to 25 percent of centenarians are community-dwelling, cognitively intact and generally vibrant and full of life.” 

Family, friends, and staff have learned life lessons from these senior members of the community, and have learned how to best support them in return. Stein resident Roz Levy offered a piece advice to take to heart: “To live a long life, eat your fruits and vegetables. Try to get along with everyone. Stay around happy people and stay away from people and things that make you unhappy.” Bobby Rosenstrauss suggested, “Live a quiet life, and when something bad happens, try your best to smile.”

The centenarians’ advice and words of wisdom are inspiring for all ages. As Stein resident Faye Bradus counseled, “Make the most of each day. Enjoy the blessings of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren — they will sustain you.”

Stein Assisted Living will host a celebration in honor of the centenarians and National Older American’s Month on Friday, May 19, at 2:00 p.m. The event is open to the public and will include remarks by New Jersey Assemblyman Joe Danielsen. In addition each centenarian will receive 100 of their favorite snacks and a personalized singing telegram. The event will take place at Stein Assisted Living in Somerset. Contact or call 732-568-1155. 

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