Stay the course

Stay the course

In the last days of the Bush administration, United States Homeland Security spent a significant period of time in Israel, perhaps in preparation for the potentially disastrous situation that currently exists.

Many Jews, particularly from the Left, never seemed to understand the significance of Iraq to the survival of Israel. When Bush insisted the United States control the airspace over Iraq, he was criticized for not allowing Israeli planes into that nation’s airspace.

Iran’s ballistic missiles can easily reach Israel, but the presence of an American air force would not allow this. The Iron Dome was initiated in the Bush administration and of course we should be thankful to President Obama for not stopping this defense system.

If we withdraw our air force at the end of this year, which currently is the plan, Israel becomes vulnerable. If Iran decides it is time to “cover the world in blood,” Israel’s position may become extreme. If multiple ballistic missiles come from a large country, even with poor accuracy, some will get through. Israel cannot fight a war of attrition.

Norman Ende, MD
Capt. MC/USNR (Ret.)
Mountain Lakes

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