Standing with Israel

Standing with Israel

Gil Kahn misrepresents AJC’s position (Opinion: “The role of American Jews and their leaders,” June 27). Yes, we criticized Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett and Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon for their public opposition to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s goal of achieving a negotiated two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israeli coalition governments are, to say the least, complicated, but there is only one prime minister at a time. Multiple and competing voices do not help the government or its global standing.

But AJC executive director David Harris most assuredly did not, as Dr. Kahn contends, “denounce” the prime minister’s “lack of discipline” over his coalition partners. Nor did AJC condemn Netanyahu’s  “insufficient backing of the U.S.-supported two-state solution,” as Kahn also asserts.

On the contrary, AJC has consistently supported the efforts of four consecutive Israeli prime ministers, including Netanyahu, to achieve the goal of two states for two peoples, living in enduring peace and security. In doing so, AJC stands solidly with the democratically elected Israeli government and, according to polls, the great majority of Israelis, in their long-standing quest for a sustainable two-state accord, while still awaiting Palestinian leaders with the vision, drive, and will to work  toward the same goal.

John Rosen
AJC New Jersey regional director

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