Standing together in support of Israel

Standing together in support of Israel

While the Jewish community celebrated our New Year, one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar, the United Nations chose to have Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speak to the General Assembly. And what did he speak about? He accused Israel of committing “genocide.” He spit out one lie after another, trying to create a false historical narrative about Israel and the Palestinian people.

For 50 days, 5,000 missiles were launched at Israel (a state the same size as New Jersey). Instead of calling for peace and reconciliation, instead of calling for the end of violence, instead of providing some authority and placing himself squarely in a historical moment to be a peacemaker for his people, Abbas again chooses lies, conflict, and strife.

Just the week before Abbas spoke at the UN, The New York Times ran a two-page ad by an anonymous group that was filled with misinformation and false accusations. How can this be? Is this because of controversy over the settlements? Did Israel bring this upon itself? I would say not. This is a well-oiled, orchestrated public relations maneuver to influence public opinion in the United States against Israel, a country that is the only democracy in the Middle East. A country whose ultimate goal is to live peacefully with its neighbors, a country willing to invest in the coexistence of the Palestinians and Israeli people.

As the CRC chair, I have the opportunity to speak with many people in our Greater MetroWest community. I know you are scared and upset. You are concerned about growing anti-Semitism, about BDS infiltrating our relationships with churches and academic freedom, about our college students having to face anti-Israel experiences on campuses like Rutgers or Berkeley.

The CRC would like to encourage you to take your concern and switch it to action. We encourage you to be an Israel advocate. We need you!

Please attend the Step Up For Israel Advocacy Summit on Sunday, Nov. 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Alex Aidekman Campus in Whippany. We are bringing in top people from around the country to form our own strategic public relations model based on the truth — the facts about Israel. The issue is about how we can hone our skills and find the right messaging in a changing time to share our story — Israel’s story with the community-at-large. How can we best combat media bias; ensure strong support for Israel with our legislators; deter and overturn BDS votes; educate our youth; and be leaders on peace, tolerance, and coexistence.

This is an important time in history, and we need you to stand with us. I hope to see you on Nov. 2 at the summit.

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