Standing by Israel

Standing by Israel

I appreciate Andrew Silow-Carroll’s column on my support for Israel (“That’s no reason why they can’t be friends,” Sept. 23). I have been heartened by those in the Jewish community who have rejected recent fictional and politically charged attacks against me. They recognize my voting record, my strong statements in support of Israel, and the relationships I have built among my Jewish constituents. When it comes to supporting Israel, our nation has a long, unique history of putting politics aside. I’m disappointed — but sadly not surprised — that a group of partisans has chosen to disregard this tradition and engage in the worst kind of politics.

I do want to correct one point in the column: I did and do support Israel’s right and obligation to maintain an embargo on any items destined for Gaza that would harm Israel or reduce her security.

As I wrote to the president shortly after the flotilla interdiction, “As Israel faces increased threats, the United States must continue to stand by Israel, one of our strongest allies.” This sentiment has guided me throughout my career, and it will continue to do so as long as I have the honor of representing New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District.

Rush Holt
U.S. Representative

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