Stand up for Israel

Stand up for Israel

In each generation, a danger to Jewish survival presents itself. Iran is working feverishly to produce nuclear warheads and has threatened genocide against Israel. What Hitler did to the Jews in 12 years they wish to do in 12 minutes.

For the last several years, the national pro-Israel community has been working to enhance economic sanctions against Iran. The Iran sanctions legislation that was introduced during the Bush administration was far-reaching and comprehensive and never made it to the Senate floor for a vote. However, there was a simpler bill, the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009, which NORPAC also championed. Experts believe this bill will cripple the Iranian economy and their ability to fund their nuclear weapons program.

This is the first Iran sanctions legislation to successfully move though Congress since the Clinton administration. It has been passed by both the House and Senate. Slightly different versions just need to be reconciled by congressional leaders in joint conference.

On May 12, NORPAC will have its annual mission to Washington, where we will meet with members of Congress to advocate for the sanctions act. NORPAC will also be advocating for continuing American military and diplomatic support for Israel.

Lately, most of us feel distressed by the intense pressure placed on the Jewish homeland. Your efforts will remind our national leadership that the protection of Israel has been and must continue to be a great part of the American legacy.

Which of us would not risk our life for the survival of Israel? Unlike those honored during Yom Hazikaron, we are not asked to defend Israel with life and limb. However, we in the Diaspora can join the fight by working toward political support on our issues.

Please stand up and join our Mission to Washington. You will be part of 125 groups having 500 meetings with Congress in one day. Few citizens take advantage of this privilege, so those who go have shockingly disproportionate influence.

To sign up, go to or call 201-788-5133.

Benjamin Chouake, MD

The writer is president of NORPAC.

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