Speaking our mind

Speaking our mind

I am writing in response to recent letters to the editor which suggest that President Obama and his administration’s handling of our relationship with Israel somehow lacks the support of American and Israeli Jewry.

While some may prefer diplomatic disagreements to be handled privately, I am not alone in supporting the present policy of consistent engagement with all parties to the conflict. A recent J Street-commissioned poll showed 82 percent of American Jews support an active U.S. role even if this means publicly disagreeing with both sides. Additionally, an American Jewish Committee poll shows a solid 55 percent support of the president’s current approach.

As for those concerned about the perception of Israelis vis-a-vis support for Obama, I would like to quote Carlo Stenger, a journalist for Ha’aretz who recently called upon “…the silent majority of liberal U.S. Jews not to be afraid any longer to speak its mind.”

Everyone is certainly entitled to his or her opinion and our Jewish and democratic principles encourage robust debate, but it is misleading and manipulative to portray a lack of support of our administration as the only voice in our community.

Debbie Schlossberg
East Brunswick

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