My daughter, Marcia, attends the Russian class at the Nathan Bohrer-Abraham Kaufman Hebrew Academy of Morris County and greatly enjoys it (“School offers Russian for immigrants’ children,” March 31). Even though Russian is spoken in our house (my parents and I emigrated from the former Soviet Union in 1992), Marcia’s native language is English, the same as her daddy, who is an American (but whose grandparents came here from Eastern Europe over 100 years ago).

Since starting her Russian class, Marcia has made great strides and is talking in phrases now, telling us about the kids in her class. The language is taught informally through games and live interaction, with no pressure or grades. I am very happy that Marcia’s world is now enriched through her access to yet another culture.

We are grateful to her teachers and volunteers, especially Julia Benz, who volunteered to create this program, and to the HAMC management who helped turn her dream — and ours —into reality.

Helen Grau

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