Something to sing about

Something to sing about

Kim Pimley, president of AJC Central NJ, attended AIPAC’s 2011 Policy Conference May 22-24 and shared the following account that I thought NJJN readers would be interested in, especially since we have been reading about the intimidation some students face on campus and what their reactions have been:

“As we entered and left the conference Sunday and Monday we saw the protesters, read their banners, and were forced to hear their chants. We just walked by — in frustration — determined not to engage them and thereby validate them.

“On Monday evening, due to the sheer volume of attendees at the Gala event, the students sat in another location and viewed the proceedings on screen. Situated where they were, they had an easier time exiting the convention hall. Having heard all of the speeches from dignitaries, members of Congress, AIPAC leaders, and Prime Minister Netanyahu, they were clearly a bit ‘pumped.’ And, as they left the building and saw all the protesters they made a conscious decision to react…peacefully.

“As AIPAC supporters exited they were greeted with their voices signing ‘Hatikvah,’ ‘Shalom Aleichem,’ and ‘Am Yisrael Chai.’”

Kim remarked on how cathartic it was to hear their voices, in strength and to watch the protesters…leave!

Ferne Hassan
associate director
American Jewish Committee

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