Something to Look Forward To

Something to Look Forward To

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

In case you missed it the newly elected Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, David Lau, was recorded saying to some Yeshiva students who were watching a basketball game on television in a store in Modiin Illit:  “Why do you care about whether the ‘kushim’ who get paid in Tel Aviv beat the ‘kushim’ who get paid in Greece?”  The derogatory racist term he used would be is as unacceptable as if a major religious cleric in the States used the N word to refer to African American players. Presumably, he wanted them to be studying and not watch basketball.

While he has now said it was a joke, one wonders what other witticisms he might have in store for the country during his ten year tenure.

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