Slanted attack

Slanted attack

Editor’s Note: Several readers expressed disappointment that in the issue preceding the Nov. 6 midterm elections, NJJN included an op-ed by Rep. Leonard Lance and another by Joel Weingarten critical of Lance’s Dist. 7 opponent, Tom Malinowski. NJJN welcomed submissions from all congressional candidates, regardless of political affiliations. Malinowski submitted an op-ed that was published in August, and in October NJJN published a letter by 17 local leaders endorsing his candidacy. As in those pieces, the Lance and Weingarten op-eds were published as soon as possible after they were submitted.

The two opinion articles written by Mikie Sherrill (“Mikie Sherrill: In her own words,” Nov. 1) and Leonard Lance (“Leonard Lance: In his own words,” Nov. 1) expressed their positions on issues of concern for the Jewish community before the Nov. 6 election.

But the opinion piece about Tom Malinowski was an attack by Joel Weingarten (“Tom Malinowski is no friend of Israel,” Nov. 1). NJJN should have published an article by Malinowski as was done for the two other congressional candidates. Instead, NJJN published a very slanted attack on a candidate with no opportunity before the election to refute Weingarten’s remarks.

Beth Klein

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