Simplicity itself

Simplicity itself

The cause of this conflict is simple: the Arab and Moslem countries want to destroy Israel, while Israel fights them off. Israeli enemies waged many full scale wars and lost each of them. Since the first days of independence, the Arabs ran terrorist attacks on the Jewish state. Many local and international terror organizations, with the support of Muslim countries, see their goal as wiping the Zionist entity off of the face of the earth and throwing the Jews into the sea. Nevertheless, these organizations find help and support in the UN, whose bias against Israel is well known.

Unfortunately, many countries who also suffer from Islamist terrorism support this activity. The United States, so far, has been the exception, but the current administration is not strong enough in  supporting Israel and, sometimes, even harming Israel’s necessary existential fight by stressing the settlement issue over and over again and never criticizing the Arab side for encouraging terror and systematic anti-Israel propaganda. Isn’t it time now to stop terrorists and their supporters before a big bloodshed starts?

Girsh Sorkin

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