Signs and blunders

Signs and blunders

In retrospect there was an unmistakable biblical narrative that ran through both political conventions:

For it came to pass that the Republican encampment in Tampa was threatened by flooding  rains, strong winds, and darkness. At the last moment, miraculously, the hurricane shifted to the west  and the tribe was able to proceed with their ceremonies. For lo, the hurricane turned its fury from them and spared them — and its name was — Isaac.

At the Democrats’ campsite it had been foretold by prophets, known as weathermen, that heavy rains, thunder, and lighting would strike their tents. They then suffered the loss of some 50,000  attendees when they had to move their camp from a huge arena to a small but safer location.

But the Democrats suffered still more tribulation, consternation, and chaos, when it was revealed that all mention of “Jerusalem” had been stricken from their new platform. Gone were the words, “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

Now they had a mighty leader, Obama, who was skilled in the ways of politics. He had heard the supplications from his own leaders. In his tent, he had seen the handwriting on the wall. He greatly feared retribution from a tribe known as Jews. He hastily ordered his men to restore the missing promise of Jerusalem to Israel. He feared not, for he knew from past leaders that these words lead to nothing.

Yet there were some wise men who took note of the changing attitude toward Israel. These sages saw that it took three hostile votes to pass and they heard the booing when the words “Jerusalem” and “Israel” were restored to the platform. They were filled with dread at what might yet come. They turned their faces to the East and they prayed.

S. Scheininger

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