Sen. Cotton, a cause celebre

Sen. Cotton, a cause celebre

To paraphrase Golda Meir, American Jews will be united when the Gary Rosenblatts of this world love Israel more than they hate the Republicans in our nation (Garden State of Mind, “Cotton, NRA darling, comes to NJ,” March 6).

The virulent objections and overreactions to Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) are just another “cause celebre” that the left is using against a conservative, pro-Israel politician. Rosenblatt cannot tolerate a true supporter of Israel.

NORPAC supports Cotton because of his sincere and continued alliance with Israel. Rosenblatt and Michael Eidman, who was critical of the senator’s appearance at a NORPAC event, should be ashamed that their agendas conflict with Cotton’s views on Israel.There are enough anti-Semites in the world; we Jews do not have to add fuel to the fire.

Ethel Scher
Riverdale, N.Y. 

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