Selective concern

Selective concern

In addition to Arabs killing Jews and Christians, they are killing each other, something that the United Nations seems to ignore. For years the Arab world has been burning and  destroying itself without external intervention from the UN or any part of the world, and that will probably continue for years. Who has killed more Arabs than any other group? Arabs!  The Jihadists have bombed and murdered their fellow Muslims and continue to do so to this day.

Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Some 170,000 Syrians have died and hundreds more are killed every day. Poison gas was used by Saddam Hussein and has likely been used by Assad and the rebels seeking to overthrow him.

In Libya, tribes and militias are slaughtering each other. Tunisia’s soldiers are killed while fighting Salafis on the border with Algeria. Iraq is already divided into three parts, and the civil
war is in full force causing hundreds of causalities, abductions, and murders every week. ISIS, whose fighters have seized large areas of land in northern and western Iraq, has  declared a self-styled caliphate across territories between the Iraq-Syria border. There’s death and destruction in Somalia, Chad, Bahrain, and Sudan.

Why is there so much outrage about Israel and its troubles in Gaza, but not about the death and destruction of Arabs in Syria ? Hamas makes it easy for journalists to observe scenes  of destruction in Gaza. It’s much more difficult in Syria and other Arab countries. It’s also safer to operate in Gaza than in some Arab states. There is also the issue of a double  standard when it comes to a western style democratic state among a large number of Muslim states.

Selma Prager

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