Seeking heroes

Seeking heroes

The New York Board of Rabbis has been asked to assist the Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation in identifying Jewish partisans and their families residing in the metropolitan area. It is JPEF’s intention to pay tribute to these courageous individuals at a benefit in New York City on Nov. 7, 2011.

These partisans resisted by fighting against the Nazis and their collaborators, destroying thousands of trains and convoys; most importantly, they saved thousands of lives. After the war, they had children and grandchildren — giving the world a living testament of those experiences.

JPEF ( is the only organization in the world solely focused on bringing the history and life lessons of the Jewish partisans to educational and cultural institutions across the globe. Every major Holocaust organization in the country relies on JPEF’s work.

JPEF offers lesson plans, films, a website, video testimonies, and many other resources free of charge to thousands of educators thanks to our donors. JPEF was a consultant on the motion picture Defiance and conducts professional development workshops around the country using the film in classrooms and synagogues.

We are asking for your help in finding these heroes. If you are aware of partisans and/or their families in your synagogue and/or community, please contact the NYBR office at or 212-983-3521, or JPEF executive director Mitchell Braff at or 415-563-2244.

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik
executive vice president
Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg
Holocaust chair
New York Board of Rabbis

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