Searching for relatives

Searching for relatives

In conjunction with my personal genealogy research, I am looking for descendants of close relatives of my grandmother, Fannie Kleinman Bishoff.

Her relatives, who may have lived at times in New Jersey, were: Jonas Kleinman/Kline, Lillian/Libby Kleinman Weinberg, Elsie Kleinman Math, Celia Kleinman, and Oscar Kleinman (married to Sadie). They were the children of Bernard Kleinman and his wife, Frieda, originally from Bialystok
and emigrating to the U.S. in 1920.

They were also related to Ethel Kleinman Scheinberg (married to Harry) and their children Tillie Scheinberg Phillip (Little Falls) and Marty Scheinberg (Clifton and Passaic).

If you are descendants of this family, or know of them, please contact me. I have photos and family history to share.

Susan Berson
Denver, Colo.

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