Saying It Like It Is

Saying It Like It Is

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

If the conservative commentator John Podhoretz writing in Commentary on line, after going through the electoral math, can suggest that a Trump nomination would be suicidal for the Republican Party one can begin to understand where this election season is going.  The problem with his clear analysis is that it only barely addresses the Republican Party’s crisis that is looming as the voters go to the polls for on Super Tuesday and as Trump begins his coronation march to the July convention in Cleveland.

Trump’s now virtually unstoppable roll–baring a major expose—to the nomination highlights, in addition to Podhoretz’ Republican dirge, a visible shaking of the pillars of the American democracy. The analogy with Nazi Germany in the Thirties and the rise and rule of Hitler are unmistakable. As the campaign season move from state to state and region to region, the similarities are frightening and uncanny.

Trump insults, ridicules, belittles, and attacks anyone and everyone without impunity.  He admits to no faults, accepts no blames for mistakes and fabricates denials for every single criticism. (Imagine he blamed his failure to disavow any association with David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan on his failure—three times—during his appearance on Jake Tapper’s CNN Sunday talk show, due to a faulty earpiece.)

As for his followers, the bigger the attack against Trump the more they rally to his side. Any effort to bring truth or clarity to Trumps’ hyperbole only brings down further disclaimers and push-back from his supporters.  As Trump continues to express his vicious hate and nastiness against his opponents, the media, and minorities, the more excitement he generates and the cheers he receives from his minions. Trump has ended their years of frustration and anger at progressive politics. Regardless of how most of his voters have benefitted from the system, it is Trump’s true cult of personality which excites them to join in his political reality show.

If the results on Tuesday night approach the polling predictions, it will be evident that the GOP will dissolve into those who will put Party above all else versus those who can comprehend the need to weep for what might be happening to the nation. The only major distinction between Hitler and the 1930’s so far–and maybe Ivanka will prevent that— is that Trump has not yet targeted the Jews. 

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