Saying goodbye to one of our own

Saying goodbye to one of our own

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Alan Richman of Monroe Township, a long-time contributing writer to NJJN, on March 13. He was 79. (See obituary here.)

A native of the Bronx and an army veteran, Alan was a talented writer, an enthusiastic reporter, and an endlessly kind soul. Last fall NJJN published his story, “Jewish Prague: Rich history, fine museums, meager numbers” (Oct. 25, 2018), an engrossing read on the history of the largest city in the Czech Republic and the challenges facing its Jewish community. As the piece incorporated Alan’s characteristic love for wordplay and rich photographs, and his passion for seeking out the Jewish people and sites in his travel experiences, it seems fitting that it was his last story to appear in this newspaper. We’ll miss you, Alan.

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