Safetty first

Safetty first

In his Dec. 24 column, “Strangers in a Welcoming Land,” Andrew Silow-Carroll implies that anyone who doesn’t want to welcome Syrian “refugees” at this time doesn’t “really trust in America.” Perhaps the opposite is true. Perhaps the citizen who is opposed to this plan is concerned with the safety and security of family, friend, and fellow countryman. The inability to properly vet all seekers of asylum together with the knowledge that falsified Syrian documentation is easily available points to the wisdom of halting refugee assimilation in the United States at this time.

Perhaps the question to ask regarding the president’s policy is, “Should Syrian refugees be distributed all over the country prior to adequate vetting?” Perhaps the policy to alleviate the dire conditions that refugees face would be better handled by not allowing them to assimilate, but keeping them safe and sound until they can be repatriated to a safe Syria.

Perhaps the NJ Jewish News should adopt a sensible pro-Jewish policy rather than continue to publish progressive/liberal talking points.

Henry Lerner

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