Safam fan

Safam fan

I saw “Safam still relevant after all these years,” (March 23) and am so upset that I didn’t know about the concert. 

I grew up in Freehold Borough and was an active teen member of NCSY. That’s when I first learned about Safam. They performed a concert on a Sunday after a Shabbaton that got me hooked! I’ve since seen them nearly a dozen times and wished I saw them again last month. I agree that their inspirational words are especially relevant now during this time of political upheaval. Although this country didn’t give a damn about Jews before WWII nor those in communist Russia, we must stand united for those suffering from terrorists and/or tyrannical dictators.

As Bernard Marks, Holocaust survivor, stated during a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement event, “History is not on your side.”

Warren E. Hare
Red Bank

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