Rotten Apple

Rotten Apple

The notion of awarding a given winner an iPad to encourage young people to come to a Holocaust commemoration is a disgrace (“Kean Yom Hashoa event links past, present,” April 11). That’s exactly what happened, though, at our community-sponsored regional Yom Hashoa commemoration held at Kean University on April 8. According to the publicity, students attending the event were eligible for a prize drawing for an iPad.

This event was our way of keeping faith with those millions of Jews who were subjected to unfathomable terror, suffering, and death. For me, the dignity of the evening was shattered. If we have to dangle an iPad in front of our youth to get them to care, then I say we’re better off hardening our hearts and letting them go. It’s not worth disrespecting the memory of the six million.

Evelyn Shaw
Scotch Plains

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