Robert Rosenthal

Robert Rosenthal

Robert Rosenthal, 75, of Pinellas Park, Fla., died April 28, 2016. He was born in Newark and grew up in Passaic. He lived in Louisville, Ky., for most of his life before moving to Florida in 2005.

A professional folk singer, Mr. Rosenthal entertained students at many elementary schools and the elderly in nursing homes. He sang in many restaurants and pubs in Louisville. Over the years he produced a number of albums and CDs, including Listen My Friends, Bunny Foo Foo Loves You, Nothing But Beans, Forever Angels, and A Bit of Kentucky. He also sang Union songs for the Coal Miners of Kentucky. In the late 80s, he joined the Musicians Union and became the 1988 Musician of the Year in Louisville. 

He was drafted into the Army in 1963 and served in the Military Police. He entertained soldiers in Frankfurt, Germany, where he was commissioned by a general to sing all over Europe and the only one in a peacetime army to receive a letter of recommendation. He was honorably discharged.

He is survived by two daughters, Rachel Godfrey and Lisa Born, both of Florida; a sister, Irene Blumberg of Caldwell; and three grandchildren. 

Private services were held in Florida.

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