Response to pro-Trump Jews

Response to pro-Trump Jews

I was shocked to read some of the recent letters to NJJN and feel that I must respond. We always wondered why Germans allowed the horrific acts toward Jews to occur during the 1930s.What we in America are now experiencing answers that question. 

I never thought this could happen in our country. Yet, judging from letters published on these pages, even our own people have been taken in by a man who is a liar, ill-tempered, and vulgar.  To say that Donald Trump is totally incompetent for the position of president has become obvious.

I realize that the letter writers are Republican voters, but they must have the intelligence to be embarrassed and humiliated by his behavior. Is it possible that they receive 100 percent of their political information from Fox News and the ultra-conservative talk show hosts on the radio?

Did they think that those who participated in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising were as evil as their Nazi oppressors?  Didn’t they know that a synagogue was threatened and evacuated because of the threats by those wearing Nazi armbands and carrying Nazi flags? Or did they think that was “fake news”?  

To say that the Southern Poverty Law Center and Black Lives Matter are hate groups is ridiculous. How many unarmed people have to be shot to death for Trump supporters to realize that people will organize to protest? When recent polls tell us that 62 percent of Republicans still believe that Barack Obama is not a citizen, I see how totally uninformed they can be.

Myron Borden

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