Responding to lies

Responding to lies

Mahmoud Abbas wrote a commentary, “The Long Overdue Palestinian State,” that appeared in The New York Times on, May 17. How can anyone respond to lies and half lies?

Abbas alleged that the Palestinians are peaceful people. Their recent “peaceful” march on Israel from several sides of the State involved rock and gasoline throwing, as well as breaking through border fences in order to illegally enter Israel. Israel was forced to defend itself from this out of control and dangerous mob. Abbas approved of the actions of the marchers and called those who died “martyrs.” So what is Abbas’ definition of a “martyr,” if not anyone who attempts to destroy the Jewish people and the land of Israel?

Abbas, the hugger of Hamas terrorist leaders and a Holocaust denier, claims his and other Arab families were thrown off their land and were than refused entry back into Israel in 1948. The reason many Arabs fled willingly is that their leaders were promised to double their properties when they destroyed Israel and all the Jews were thrown into the sea. Is it any wonder the poor Holocaust victims, many of them weakened physically and emotionally, refused them reentry and will continue to do so? Israel has gone through seven bloody wars and it is not because Arabs are peaceful people willing to negotiate and live side by side with the Jewish State. How many Jews were expelled from Muslim Arab countries?

Louise Sverdlove

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