Republicans Are Already Getting Desperate

Republicans Are Already Getting Desperate

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Washington has been locked in what the French call immobilisme now for at least four years, but it seems that the silliness is currently overwhelming even the stagnation.  Not only is no one interested in legislating or governing, political imagination is now running wild;  just when the agenda of “to do” items should be moving ahead prior to the extensive, forthcoming, repeated congressional breaks for the mid-year elections.

To begin with the hoopla over the Benghazi hearings is absurd. It rivals the outrageous Clinton impeachment hearings. For a party that is so concerned about fiscal responsibility, the Republicans have become very cavalier about throwing money at pointless congressional investigations. Similarly, the internal fighting and bickering within the mainstream versus the conservative/Tea Party wings of the Republican Party are certainly frustrating, but distracting the American people with pointless regurgitating of previous congressional testimony is merely trying to show the voters how busy the Congress is—spinning its wheels and not legislating.

Secretary Clinton and the State Department made mistakes in how they handled U.S. security in Libya. Heads have rolled and fingers have been pointed.  Former Ambassador Susan Rice and Clinton have taken their lumps and the Obama folks have ordered that State revamp its procedures. The tragedy in Libya is a very sad episode, but re-opening another investigation is strictly coming from a desire to besmirch Hillary Clinton before she gets out of the box for a 2016 White House run; if she opts to do so. What it also demonstrates how difficult a time the GOP is having internally sorting out it political compass and being constructive. It can only agree on attacking Clinton one more time—since they know that if she runs in 2016 she will be virtually unbeatable.

The only thing that Republicans are doing to themselves that is more pointless is watching Karl Rove and his followers practice medicine without attending medical school! Hillary Clinton may or may not have medical issues, but political pundits and the equally clever political comedians who are attacking them are totally out of line. All that these ad hominem attacks accomplish is to embarrass themselves before any intelligent voters who might be frustrated with the Democratic Party and are considering helping the GOP regain control of the Senate in November. 

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