Rep. Smith, speak up against anti-Semitism in N.J.

Rep. Smith, speak up against anti-Semitism in N.J.

I am surprised by “NJ congressman authors legislation on anti-Semitism” (Aug. 22). I am a Jewish constituent of Rep. Chris Smith (R-Dist. 4) and I am concerned that he is not calling out anti-Semitic issues in his home state and district. 

His comments after Charlottesville were ridiculous and insufficient to address the growing anti-Semitism at home. While it is good to do something about anti-Semitism overseas, his lack of response to anti-Semitism at home is deplorable. I have written the congressman several times about my concerns, and his response, if I get one, is less than appropriate. I know several other Jewish constituents of his who are too scared to leave their names at his offices. 

I hope that you will call him out on the lack of fighting anti-Semitism at home for what it is: allowing neo-Nazis to believe they have support in our country. We lost too many of our people to Nazis in Europe to allow this to go unchecked in our country. 

Rep. Smith needs to put country above party and call out anti-Semitism in his own district, state, and country!

Pam Mancuso
Fair Haven 

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