Remembering Sister Rose

Remembering Sister Rose

As members of the leadership team of the Sister Rose Thering Endowment at Seton Hall University, we would like to bring to your attention an oversight that we have noticed twice recently.

The name of the endowed chair in the graduate department of Jewish-Christian Studies at this university is the Cooperman/Ross Endowed Chair in Jewish-Christian Studies in honor of Sister Rose Thering. Sister Rose’s name has been omitted in recent reporting particularly when referring to Eric Ross who received an honorary Doctor of Humanities at the Seton Hall Commencement Ceremonies on May 6 (“Yahrtzeit of nun who fought anti-Semitism is observed,” June 3). This endowed chair would not exist had it not been for the high esteem the Cooperman and Ross families held for Sister Rose and her trailblazing work in furthering dialogue among Christians and Jews.

We hope in the future your reporters will take note of the name that we cherish as we continue her legacy of fostering understanding through education and inter-religious cooperation.

David Bossman, Ph.D.
Executive director
Professor of Jewish-Christian Studies
Paul Gibbons
Chairman of the board
Sister Rose Thering Endowment for Jewish-Christian Studies
Seton Hall University
South Orange

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