Reason to believe

Reason to believe

In her letter (Beyond belief, Aug. 18), Iris Blumenau essentially argues that an atheist can be both a good person and a good Jew. I do not disagree with either point. Ms. Blumenau also provides as the reason for her loss of faith the heart-rending anecdote that as a pediatric nurse she held two babies in her arms as they died of cancer. I, too, cannot pretend to know an adequate excuse for tragedies such as these. I have often asked the same question and found all justifications to ring hollow.

That said, I can not help but wonder what planted that seed of compassion in the heart of someone who cared for and comforted dying children. And I will not accept excuses such as evolution. I find that a rather improbable answer to this particular question. You see, I too believe in the Golden Rule. Ms. Blumenau and I simply disagree over the small matter of the Rule’s ultimate origin. The same episodes that led to Ms. Blumenau’s disbelief, give me reason to believe.

Aryeh Baer

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