Raw deal

Raw deal

I commend Jared Silverman for his column, “Saving Sgt. Bergdahl: A clash of values” (June 12). For the Obama administration to free five top Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo for one American soldier
who walked off his post is to me an act of treason or at the very least an impeachable offense to the president. The five who were let go are all high-profile leaders, and their release could put the United States and also Israel in harm’s way. There is no excuse for bargaining with terrorists; it would have been like negotiating with Nazi war criminals during World War II.

When he was first running for president, Obama promised to “transform America.” I wish I knew what he is trying to transform the country into. The United States has been the greatest nation in the history of civilization. With what I’ve observed in the past five and a half years, I don’t see anything good about this transformation. I believe in the slogan, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Warren Goldfein
West Orange

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