Raw deal

Raw deal

In Andrew Silow-Carroll’s column, “Preparing for the Day After” (Sept. 3), he implies that the cause of the tension between Israel and the United States is Benjamin Netanyahu. He doesn’t mention the fact that over 78 percent of Jewish Israelis are opposed to the Iran nuclear deal, according to a July 17 Jerusalem Post poll.

Every major political party in Israel is opposed to the deal. Benjamin Netanyahu is a convenient bogey man for the supporters of the Obama administration, but the fact is that the Israeli Left and Right are opposed to this deal. And the Israelis are on the frontline, not American Jews.

The president has effectively backed us into a corner: if we don’t support the deal, we lose our credibility; if we support the deal, we have to live with these cold, hard facts: the deal guarantees the Iranian regime will receive billions of dollars that will be used at least in part to kill Israelis (and Jews outside of Israel), guarantees Iran will be able to purchase conventional arms and intercontinental ballistic missiles, and guarantees the Iranian regime will be the beneficiary of international trade. What it does not guarantee is that Iran will comply with the deal or that Iran will face sanctions if it  violates the deal.

Keith Firestone

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