Rating Rodney

Rating Rodney

In response to the letter “Missing ‘home’” in your April 8 edition, the writer laments he moved to Pennsylvania and misses Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen. He supplies some Rush Limbaugh-inspired nonsense about health care at gun point in his letter to emphasize how his new congressman gave away his Constitutional rights voting for Obama Care.

Let me point out that Frelinghuysen voted against extending unemployment compensation (HR 5749) and voted against the Children’s Health and Medicare Protection Act (HR 3162 CHIP: Children’s Health Insurance Plan). Our congressman has a 100 rating from the United States Chamber of Commerce in 2008, tying with John McCain but beating Tea Party stalwart Michele Bachmann’s grade of 94. His National Education Association rating for 2007-2008 was “D,” just edging out fellow Republican Congressman Scott Garrett’s “F”, but not coming anywhere near the “A” rating for both senators and all the other representatives in the New Jersey delegation.

I’d gladly help Rep. Frelinghuysen pack and relocate to Pennsylvania.

Robert Natko
West Caldwell

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