‘Rabbis for Romney’

‘Rabbis for Romney’

The announcement that there is now a “Rabbis for Obama” list and organization (“NJ’s ‘Rabbis for Obama’ invoke shared ‘values,’”  Aug. 30) might leave the impression that all Jews support a president who has refused to visit Israel while in office, blatantly insulted Israel and her elected leaders, and publicly demanded that the Jewish state retreat to the 1948 “Auschwitz” borders. He even made a tremendous fuss when Israel dared to announce a building plan in her own capital.

I appeal to all rabbis, of all denominations, whether working in the pulpit or not, to band with me to form “Rabbis for Romney.” It is imperative that all Americans understand that there are passionate Jewish spiritual leaders who care very much about the wrongs done to the Jewish state under this administration. I do not think Romney is, le havdil, Moshiach ben Dovid. I know, as president, he will, as he should, do what he believes is in America’s best national interest. But his and his running mate’s backgrounds and statements make it clear that their response to Israel, especially when he chips are down, will be far more favorable than anything we can expect from Obama.

If you’d like to join me in this effort, please contact me at 732-572-2766 or by e-mail at chaimdov@aol.com.

Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg

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