Purim News Quiz!

Purim News Quiz!

It’s time for the NJ Jewish News annual Purim News Quiz. The questions below are based on actual news events in the year since last Purim.


1. The Jordanian Tourism Ministry warned Israelis about doing what?

a. Referring to Jordan as “Far East Jerusalem”

b. Wearing outwardly Jewish garb while visiting the kingdom

c. Tossing Frisbees over the border fence

2. It took 60 years, but what American import is finally coming to Israel?

a. A Hebrew version of Playboy magazine

b. An English version of the Torah

c. Jerry Seinfeld


3. A Jewish girls’ high school in Brooklyn ordered its 11th-graders to do what?

a. Create Facebook accounts in order to vote for the school in the Kohl’s Cares charity giveaway

b. Delete their Facebook accounts and pay a $100 fine or be expelled

c. All of the above


4. An Israeli company came up with a way to convert used toilet tissue into what?

a. Rocket fuel

b. Insect repellant

c. Recycled paper


5. An Israeli company launched a new American cable channel. Was it:

a. DogTV, designed to entertain canines when they’re home alone.

b. The Leyning Channel, featuring 24-hour Torah chanting

c. EmesNBC, America’s first 24/6 news channel


6. Stores along Manhattan’s St. Mark’s Place were found selling which products?

a. Women’s bras sewn from surplus yarmulkes

b. Israeli-made gas masks repurposed as bongs for smoking marijuana

c. Hasidic fur hats relabeled “Chihuahua Dog Beds”


7. An Israeli man divorced his wife because she did what?

a. Ate the last of the hummus without telling him.

b. Brought 550 cats into their home

c. Spent her days watching DogTV


8. When Kevin Youkilis, now a Yankee, was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Chicago White Sox, he became what?

a. A member of Temple Judea Mizpah in Skokie, Ill.

b. The clubhouse mashgiach

c. The first Jewish All Star to be traded from one team with a nickname that does not end with an “s” to another team with a nickname that does not end with an “s”


9. A Maccabi Tel Aviv player was punished by the Israeli Basketball Association when he called an opposing player:

a. A “Nazi”

b. A “nudnik”

c. A cab


Answers: 1: B, 2: A, 3: C 4: C, 5: A, 6: B, 7: B, 8: C, 9: A

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