Proud of ‘my’ Israel

Proud of ‘my’ Israel

In opposition to Ori Nir’s statements (“American Jews: Fight for ‘your’ Israel,” May 28), I am wholeheartedly proud of Israel. My Israel, with all its faults, is a democracy with equal rights for all citizens. It develops innovations in all fields and, according to a recent study, is one of the five happiest nations of the world. All this while being attacked by terrorists within and outside its borders, surrounded by hostile nations, and threatened by a country developing the means to carry out its threat to wipe Israel off the map.

But the cruelest cut of all is from those who profess their deep care for Israel, yet attribute the most despicable rationale for Israeli government policies. Nir speaks for Americans for Peace Now, one of too many organizations that claim to speak for the “enlightened world and progressive Americans,” who believe they know better what is best for Israel than Israelis themselves.

APN faults the Israeli government for supporting Israeli villages in disputed areas — aka settlements — and not seeking an end to the occupation and peace with the Palestinians. They overlook the terror attacks that are encouraged, glorified, and rewarded by the Palestinian leadership. They give a free pass to Palestinian’s denial of Jewish historical connections to the land and are silent to the  continued incitement by the Palestinian leadership against the Jews and Israel.

Living with constant threats, Israeli voters chose a government that promises security. In response, the likes of APN direct American Jews to express Jewish values by engaging with the Palestinians and ending the occupation. Meanwhile the Palestinians not only show no interest in engagement, they make it clear their aim is to eliminate Israel.

Conrad Nadell
Scotch Plains

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