Progressives v. Israel

Progressives v. Israel

In Chemda Mindy S. Kipness’ letter (“Common-sense commentary,” Dec. 5) she categorizes the progressive agenda as anti-Israel, pro-Iran, and pro-Palestinian.

It is true that most progressives oppose the policies of the present government of Israel. When thousands of Israelis demonstrate against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud government are they anti-Israel? Former members of Mossad, Shin Bet, and the military, along with President Reuvlin Rubin have voiced their criticism of Netanyahu and his movement to the extreme right. Are they anti-Israel?

It is true that progressives, along with many Israelis, support a two-state solution. That appears to be dead in the water. Progressives, along with every former U.S. president, up to the present, oppose settlement expansion feeling such a policy is an obstacle to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

It is very hard for progressives to support a government whose prime minister has embraced Pres. Donald Trump as the savior of the Jewish people, supported anti-democratic legislation, and mandated ultra-Orthodox control of religious life.  

Liberals may find it hard to continue their support of Israel because of the shift to the right. Kipness would have us give up our principles to support a Jewish state, right or wrong. That is too much to ask.

Marvin Bograd
East Windsor 

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