The NJJN issue of Oct. 4 had an article titled “Israeli vet touts IDF’s tolerance toward gays,” about an event sponsored by Rutgers Hillel. The article included a photo of students holding signs protesting against the speaker. The caption on the photo read “pro-Palestinian supporters protest during the talk by Avner Even-Zohar at Rutgers University.” However, the students labeled as “pro-Palestinian” did not present any positive agenda to earn that label.

These protesters were not “pro” anything. They were just anti-Israel. In order to be labeled as a pro-Palestinian, one should promote the Palestinian well being. A group holding anti-Israel signs and not offering any positive agenda should not be automatically labeled as pro-Palestinian. They should be labeled for what they are, “anti-Israel protesters.”

Tzvi Raviv
Director, Rutgers Hillel Center for Israel Engagement

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