Preparing for BDS in college

Preparing for BDS in college

I really loved my first time experience at this year’s AIPAC convention. The speakers were motivational, the stories were emotional, and each breakout session was interesting. I simply cannot choose my favorite part of the convention, however I attended one breakout session called “Defeating BDS on Campus: Partner Perspectives” that I learned a lot from. I felt like this breakout session would prepare me for possible problems when I attend college. I learned about the BDS movement and how not only is it an anti-Israel campaign, but an anti-Semitic one as well. BDS stands for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. When BDS campaigns are on campuses, the members try to bring their ideas to the student councils. Although their ideas of boycotting Israeli products never succeed and pass as laws, their movement grows and hatred is pushed. When I attend college next fall I need to know how to be ready if I see BDS movements and ideas being pushed. I need to know to defend Israel and teach others about how boycotting Israeli goods isn’t only bad for Israel but bad for the world.

At AIPAC I was able to see all the good Israel is doing for the world. They are one of the most innovative countries in the world and without them, our technology and inventions would be far behind. With Israeli hospitals, technology, knowledge, and ideas the world can be a much better, safer, healthier and well-off place. Inventions such as the water maker from air, Water- Gen, will bring water to millions of people dying of thirst. If people and countries start to boycott Israeli goods, then people won’t be able to use brilliant inventions such as the Water-Gen. People need to be educated on the good Israel can do for others, even their enemies, because Israel is always willing to give aid to others. I will take all this knowledge with me to college and continue to learn more. If I see or hear about BDS movements on my campus I will be ready to take action against it while educating others as well. I would like to thank AIPAC for this and hope to go back next year to further my knowledge.

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