Penalizing Iran

Penalizing Iran

Last week, President Obama and Congress sent a clear message to Iran that if it continues to threaten the security of the world, their government will face serious consequences. This is why American Jewish Committee was a stronger supporter for this legislation, which enacts tough, rigorous sanctions to ban U.S. banks from dealing with foreign banks that conduct business with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard; bar companies from U.S. government contracts if they provide Iran with technologies that restrict the free flow of information (AJC was part of the No Nukes for Iran group that recently rallied in Morristown against Honeywell for their business dealings with Iran — hopefully passage of this act will change their policy); and exact penalties against foreign companies that assist Iran’s energy industry and nuclear program.

These sanctions are the direct result of the Iranian regime’s refusal to open its nuclear program to scrutiny by the international community. We at AJC hail the U.S. government for taking this important step to prevent Iran’s nuclear ambitions by enacting new sanctions targeting Iran’s financial and energy sectors, as well as the relentless leadership of New Jersey’s Senator Robert Menendez and Congressman Scott Garrett and the support of all New Jersey’s members of Congress with their cosponsorship.

Ferne Hassan
Associate Director
American Jewish Committee,
New Jersey Region

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