Parenting site tailored for Monmouth, Middlesex

Parenting site tailored for Monmouth, Middlesex

KVELLER, the award-winning website for Jewish parents and grandparents, now hosts a new section featuring local bloggers, resources, and event roundups for the Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ region, Monmouth and Middlesex counties ( is “a rich on-line community for those who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting,” said Jennifer Modlinger, Kveller’s director of partnerships. “Featuring a diverse crop of contributing writers, Kveller offers a space for discussion and ideas for all sorts of readers — including first-time parents, interfaith parents, LGBTQ parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, and everything in between — with the hopes of offering support, information, and inspiration for families when they need it most.”

Susan Antman, executive vice president of the federation, which partnered with 70 Faces Media to create the local Kveller version, said local users will “burst with love and pride” — which is what the Yiddish word kvell means — and will “love knowing just where to turn for all the events, insights, and resources you’ll want to care for and share with your little ones.”

Kveller’s national site averages 1.26 million page views per month. From its more than 75,000 likes on Facebook and over 10,500 followers on Twitter, Kveller is now the largest on-line community of Jewish parents. The site earned a Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in digital outreach and was included in Slingshot's Top 50 most innovative Jewish programs in North America.

Kveller in the Heart of NJ is a powerful new way for young families to connect with Jewish life and for young people to embrace their Jewish identity,” said Sarah Portilla, federation’s director of community engagement.

Portilla said the site’s listings include family events, Jewish schools, preschools, summer camps, and kosher restaurants and markets. “We are thrilled to make it easier for everyone to find the Jewish experiences, connections, resources, services, and insights they value,” she said.

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