Many years ago I was a first lieutenant in the U. S. Army Veterinary Corps. I was sent with a squad of enlisted men on a training exercise to a place called Leon Springs Military Reservation in Texas. The object of the exercise was to find a certain spot within the reservation using only a map and a compass. After walking around aimlessly for about an hour, I called my commanding officer and told him I had been lost, but now I had found the right path. For that accomplishment, I demanded a promotion to the rank of Captain.

“Chutzpa!,” you say. Well, now we have Republican senators and Republican congressmen demanding we renew a Bush tax cut that produced huge deficits and no job growth over two presidential terms.

I was lost for an hour. They were lost for eight years by their own admission. I was speaking to a major. They are talking to the Commander-in-Chief.

Aren’t we lucky to have such overachievers running the country?

Seymour D. Nord, DVM

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