Out of touch

Out of touch

Where is the common sense?

It’s obvious that our president is absolutely out of touch with reality. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, in the current situation peace with the Palestinians is impossible. Nonetheless, the administration waged an hysterical attack on him, threatening not to resist anti-Israeli accusations by the hostile UN. When Mahmoud Abbas made one unilateral step after another, making any  agreement impossible, our president and the Secretary of State don’t react at all or issue toothless warnings without any substance. Whatever offer Israel made to the PA, each and every one was  rejected outright.

The Israeli prime minister explained very clearly that a Palestinian state — ruled by an unreliable president, Mahmoud Abbas, along with Hamas terrorists — is unacceptable. I’m not mentioning the  negotiations of the Iranian nuclear program, where none of the interested sides, including Israel and the Gulf nations, are participating. Is there a way to stop the self-destructive White House policy?

Girsh Sorkin

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