Our debt to Israel

Our debt to Israel

Left, Right, or in between, Jewish youth and their parents must remember that whether they are pro-Israel or not, their status in the United States today is  because of the existence of the State of Israel.

When the United Nations voted for the creation of this country, they gave a new pride and standing to all Jews. There was a feeling of elation and security that had not existed before that moment. After centuries of being displaced, disgraced, and almost annihilated, there was a Jewish homeland. After 1948, our world changed dramatically.

The Israelis, like any other people in this tumultuous world, are good, bad, and indifferent. We may disagree with their politics and decisions, as we do our own political mayhem, but we have little choice but to support a country which, if ever defeated by war or terrorism, will cease to exist.

How do we get this message to the many who are now advocating boycotts  and measures that will hurt Israel and Jews for years to come?

Maxine Stern
Monroe Township

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