Other dubious claims

Other dubious claims

In his response to letters concerning the fact that Arabs have “dubious claims…to an independent state,” Phil Horn writes “(they) would do well to realize the implications of their arguments for Israel’s future.” Consider, however, the implications of his arguments for Israel’s future.

No matter what potential ‘peace’ agreement would be signed, the irrefutable fact is that a “Palestinian” state will be a terrorist state dedicated to the destruction of Israel. How can Mr. Horn ignore the experience with Gaza? Arabs were given the opportunity to vote for their leaders and who did they choose? Hamas. Even if a Palestinian state could start off with a non-terrorist Arab governing body, it surely would eventually be taken over by Hamas, Hezbollah or even ISIS. How would the bleeding hearts react when tunnels are dug from Kalkilya into Kfar Saba? Or when 10,000 rockets rain down on Tel Aviv, as they have rained down on Sderot?

Surely the situation is complex and there are no easy answers. But there are so-called solutions that are easy to reject and the easiest is the creation of an Arab terrorist state located in the heartland of Israel and dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Mr. Horn warns “that Israel’s current policy will only serve to isolate it from the family of nations.” Israel is already isolated by the family of nations. Sadly, it is also isolated by many Jews.

Charlie Bernhaut
New York, NY

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