Orthodox Union establishes lifeline to feed those in need

Orthodox Union establishes lifeline to feed those in need

THE ORTHODOX UNION (OU) has established the national Kosher Food Lifeline (KFL) to help food pantries, Tomchei Shabbos programs, and other social service agencies provide kosher food to Jews in need.

The new division offers assistance with procurement, kosher food distributor relationships, government grants, and other support.

OU executive vice president Allen Fagin said his agency “recognizes those in our community who struggle each day to put nutritious kosher food on the table. We must work together to support the food pantries and agencies that serve them.”

“Creating access to kosher food…remains a priority,” said OU president Moishe Bane, “and we are eager to support the kosher food pantries and programs that provide kosher food to those in need.”

The work of the KFL, said its founding director, Allison Deal, “can increase efficiency, eliminate waste, bring prices down, and hopefully help agencies provide more nutritious kosher food to those who need it most.”

Kedem, the kosher food products company, provided a $200,000 grant to launch the inaugural program in advance of Passover. More than 150,000 pounds of kosher-for-Passover food were distributed to 53 partner organizations, which delivered it to communities in 18 states, supporting over 17,000 families in need. Kedem vice president Charles Herzog said the KFL “ensured that we were sending exactly what was needed, where it was needed.”

For information about the KFL, contact Allison Deal at 212-613-8336 or go to ou.org/kfl.

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