Organizations ignore intermarriage

Organizations ignore intermarriage

Author Tal Keinan hits the nail on the head when stating that assimilation makes it harder for Jews to find each other (Gabe Kahn’s “Looking back to save our future,” April 18). Keinan said, “The statistical odds of my grandchildren meeting another Jew of the opposite sex and the same age or similar age are almost zero in this country.” And yet I, a Jewish father living in Monmouth County, have been unable to find a single synagogue, Y, or federation that promotes young Jews meeting each other. I have written to some and never even receive a reply. There are Jewish organizations for everything but the biggest threat to Judaism itself appears to be ignored. Other than on-line matchup companies and some Meetup groups, most of which are in New York City, there is only a minute chance of young Jews meeting other young Jews. This is the real threat to Judaism, which is being ignored by our leaders.

Brian Ravitz

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