One risk for another

One risk for another

I’m all in favor of unarmed self-defense training and firearms training (“Rethinking gun control in out-of-control-times,” Jan. 19). I don’t believe there is a monolithic progressive position, but I suspect that most progressives believe training is always good.

Keeping a loaded firearm ready at hand in the home is another matter. It does not simply make you safer; it trades one set of risks for another. Depending on the neighborhood, the likelihood of a deadly intruder may be negligible in the first place. So the net increase in safety from intruders could be very small. Meanwhile, there is a nontrivial risk that someone in the home will be hurt or killed by accident. And, of course, pointing a gun at a police officer — especially one who has barged into your home — is an excellent way to get shot.

Harvey S. Cohen

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