On the mark

On the mark

Your front page endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president was a comprehensive, rational, and well-reasoned review of the many reasons New Jersey Jewish News was breaking with its prior practice of not endorsing political candidates (“Hillary Clinton for president,” Oct. 13).

As the editorial aptly stated in describing Donald Trump: “Never before has a candidate so ill-equipped for the demands of the Oval Office — in temperament, experience, character, compassion, and humility — been so close to its doors”.

Politically conservative newspapers throughout the country that have historically endorsed Republican candidates for president, including those in Texas, Illinois, California, and Ohio, join NJ Jewish News in rejecting Trump’s “outrageous biased and racist statements against minorities and women.”

I would ask that the Orthodox community join the large majority of American Jews who support Clinton for her proven legacy of competence and consistent strong support for Israel.

William F. Maderer

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