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On the alert

On the alert

I was there when Gov. Chris Christie came to Spotswood for a Town Hall Meeting on Dec. 21 specifically to appeal to the townsfolk to help him in his efforts to stop “Sick-Day Payouts” to retiring public employees (“At Christie town hall, the boy who cried ‘Jews,’ Dec. 29). The governor said that these public workers currently cost the New Jersey taxpayers $825 million.

And NJJN is correct in saying a “‘bizarre’ series of questions” followed his talk, but you are incorrect in saying the questions came “from local citizens.”

Spotswood is in Middlesex County. A retired teacher from Brick, that’s Ocean County; an unemployed woman from Red Bank, that’s Monmouth County; and this twelve-year old from Springfield who you focus on, Union County. These bizarre questions were not from local citizens. I’m from Spotswood and I was only allowed to invite one guest.

This 12-year-old who blames the “Jewish community that controls the township of Springfield and its School Board,” you exposed beautifully in your article. I was wondering where he was getting all this anti-Semitic rhetoric. The governor wanted to know why wasn’t he in school; he took the day off from school. His speech was not only written out but there were many copies distributed. That takes quite a bit of planning and production.

Springfield is one of the “Best Places to Live,” according to New Jersey Monthly magazine. The 12-year-old was uttering things that no one would ever link to Springfield.

I’m glad your article went into an in-depth study on where this anti-Semitism is coming from. We need to always be on the alert; the forces of hatred are vicious.

Cheryl Bass

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